Senior Full Stack Engineer

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  • Role Purpose
  • Build and maintain robust, highly available, secure, testable systems.
  • Become a valuable member of a small, highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary, agile team.
  • Deliver business value in a fast-paced, continuously evolving environment.
  • Contribute to all phases of the product lifecycle, from helping define requirements through to design, build, test, release & support.
  • Help highlight & promote how technical solutions can drive the business forward.
  • Main Accountabilities
  • Build and maintain the business’ websites and systems to the highest possible standard
  • Work collaboratively as part of an agile team to deliver business value
  • Contribute to the team goals beyond developing the systems (for example, taking on additional responsibilities)
  • Help design, build & maintain the underlying technical infrastructure that supports the business’ systems
  • Support & mentor your colleagues
  • Use your full experience to help shape the future of the business and the products developed
  • Knowledge & Expertise
  • Technical
  • Strong experience developing Java 11+ webapps
  • Experience of Spring libraries, e.g. Core, Security
  • Knowledge of relational databases & SQL operations.
  • Knowledge of NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB)
  • Experience in designing RESTful APIs and integrating with various other API protocols
  • Strong experience with web libraries & frameworks, particularly TypeScript & Angular (2+)
  • Experience with setup and management of Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins, Maven, Node, NPM, Webkit, Gulp, Grunt etc. for creating automated build systems and task runners
  • Experience working with Linux servers, including basic shell commands.
  • Experience with one or more cloud infrastructure providers, especially AWS
  • Experience working with various modern web servers such as Apache2 or NginX
  • Experience writing testable code with a high degree of automated test coverage, preferably using test-driven development
  • Solid experience using common Object-Oriented design patterns
  • Knowledge of the importance of secure coding practices
  • Able to write clear and accurate technical documentation for internal use.
  • Experience with Git or other similar SCM
  • Professional
  • Ability to identify and analyse user requirements
  • Ability to break-down tasks and estimate levels of effort
  • Good delegation and time management skills
  • Able to communicate clearly to a wide range of technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Ability to deliver and receive constructive feedback through code reviews & by other means

          Problem Solving

  • Able to identify and analyse problems systematically.
  • Familiar with debugging, prototyping and other techniques to help identify root causes of problems.
  • Comfortable working outside their current realm of experience, using new tools & techniques to solve complex problems.
  • Can analyse, present, and justify recommendations, backed by research and sound reasoning.

          Experience, qualifications and other requirements specific to the role

  • 5+ years of work experience developing Java software and web applications

    Nice to have:

  • Experience in design and implementation of microservices architectures
  • Experience in Cloud and containerisation technology as well as Serverless, preferably in the AWS environment
  • Comfortable taking on tasks in languages and systems outside their area of expertise (for example, Python, infrastructure-as-code, etc)
11 May 2022
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Surrey, Camberley