Pre Development Manager

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Job Purpose

To oversee the production of pre‐development technical information and to ensure that it is complete, coherent, accurate and available on time for whoever needs it. To ensure that all services, sectional & legal agreements, easements associated with the site are completed in a timely manner. To ensure design solutions are as practical as possible and economic. To provide technical support during land purchase, construction and post-construction.

Job Description

Main responsibilities include:

To develop, monitor and ensure delivery of our client's pre‐development programme for all sites that are in pre‐development stages, working closely in conjunction with the Technical Director and Land Department to ensure all milestone dates that are critical for site start are achieved.

Ensure environmental risks are identified and managed appropriately throughout the pre‐commencement activities in accordance with Antler policy and ensure that the Site Management Team are given a clear briefing and handover before they take over the development.

Monitoring the installation of infrastructure drainage and road construction to both required Local Authority standards and to programme, where a Groundworker is to be Principal Contractor; and coordinating a combined services meeting and arranging for the installation of the first sections of water, gas and electric mains to follow on from the road construction and ensure that the Site Management Team are given a clear briefing and handover before they take over development.

To review site acquisition information and provide input on all civil engineering aspects to the Technical Director for use in the LPA Technical Report.

Involvement with feasibility studies when required, such as establishing drainage guidelines in consultation with Water Authority and advising as to whether discharge limits are to be set.

To take control of all aspects of the design to ensure that current information is available to whoever needs it within a pre‐agreed programme.

The information must be clear, accurate and coherent and the designs must be as economic and practical as possible.

To ensure consultants are briefed on the required distribution of drawing information and key dates when information is required to meet our procurement requirements.

Close liaison with the Land Department at development acquisition stage through to Technical hand‐ over.

To manage technical sign off for all sectional agreements (ie. S278, S38 etc.).

To manage the design and technical sign off of all foul, surface water and any other drainage required for the site.

To ensure temporary and new permanent services (Gas/Elec/Water/Telephone/Broadband) are supplied to development in a timely manner.

To ensure services matrix document is kept up to date and current.

 To organise and manage bonds where required.

Liaison with the Land Department to ensure clearance of relevant Planning Conditions with specific emphasis on pre‐start conditions being a priority.

To check incoming information from the consultants and ensure any comments are fed back.

To ensure that subsequent changes necessary to design after permission has been granted are communicated through to the Land Department as minor amendments.

Ensure any sub‐stations or pump stations are accurately positioned and detailed.

Ensure drawings are issued correctly and on time to whoever needs them.

To take a wider interest in the Company. To suggest improvements where changes are needed.

To research new products, innovations and techniques.

 Look for savings and efficiency at all times.

To keep up with new statutory requirements.

Resolve problems and issues that arise during construction.

Ensure all current drawings and documents are uploaded to DocHosting.

Liaise with staff and deal with issues as necessary. Also, to keep the Technical Director informed of any matters that need addressing.

To manage obligations under the CDM regulations

To attend the following meetings where required:

  1. Build Technical Meetings
  2. Site Meetings
  3. Design Team Meeting
  4. Drawing Review Meetings
  5. Handover from Land to Technical
  6. Pre‐commencement Meeting
  7. Pre‐order Meetings
  8. Operations Meetings                 


9 May 2022
Pre-Development Manager
Surrey, Bagshot