Move in Manager

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An opportunity to work for one of Readings leading estate agents in their busy lettings department as a Move-in Manager. You will be tasked with providing excellent service to our client's Landlords and Tenants throughout the move-in process as well as the ending of tenancies for your area. You will be required to work at a demanding pace, whilst remaining accurate when preparing legal documents on behalf of our clients.

Job Description

Look after the tenant from the point that their offer is accepted, through to moving into the property and dealing with the end of their tenancy once notice has been served. To work closely with the move coordinators and property managers, who will be looking after the landlord and making sure that the property is ready, throughout this process and ready for a new occupation.

  • Confirmation of Offer form and right to rent checks received from front end team - check signed, dated, fees paid and all required info is contained.

  • Advise the landlord’s coordinator that you are going to be processing an application, ensure they are aware of and in agreement with, the dates that you are aiming for, and gain their confirmation that they will have the property ready. Liaise with Property managers for re-available managed properties.

  • Introduction email to the landlord, confirming terms of offer i.e. agreed price, anticipated start date, tenancy period, tenant’s details, inclusions, pets, and special conditions. Advise referencing to commence.

  • Introduction email to tenants guiding them through the process and advising them to turn requests for information round the same day and prime their current landlord and employers that they will receive a reference request. Re-confirm the terms of the offer including any special conditions as above. Attach Tenant Guide.

  • Save landlord auto-response email to Property Folder

  • Advise tenants when referencing final

  • Email landlord move-in arrangements & obtain/confirm Inventory instructions

  • Collect monies - first month’s rent, deposit, and check-in fee.

  • Prepare AST and supporting documents and gain landlords' instructions to sign on their behalf. Email copy to the landlord

  • Check property folders have all required information in, keys, bank details, and double-check completed compliance checks and confirmed property ready for occupation.

  • Book inventory make/check-in and advise landlord and tenant

  • Organise signing of AST using Docusign

  • Advise of any special notes to Accounts for move-in email

  • Contact Landlords on non-managed properties in order to discuss and agree their instructions regarding renewal of the Tenancy

  • Having gained the Landlord’s instructions you will need to negotiate any terms with the Tenant

  • Prepare possession notices to Tenants

  • Draw up new Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements, including all relevant clauses,s and arrange for them to be digitally signed by Landlords and Tenants

  • Invoicing and collection of fees from both Landlord and Tenants

  • Re-registering deposit funds with Deposit Scheme and send to the tenant along with a copy of the Right to Rent Guide

  • Updating of renewal terms on internal database

  • Issuing Section 13 notices on periodic tenancies and collecting fees, should a Landlord opt for this service

  • Preparing Deeds of Assignment/Deed of Variation on renewal tenancies where there is a change of Tenant

  • Accepting notices for ending of tenancies and advising front end team for re-marketing

  • Booking check out inspections and charging relevant fees to landlords

  • Sending non managed check out reports to landlords and tenants and obtaining deposit return consents

  • You will be required to collect referencing fees and supply information on outgoing Tenants to Referencing Agencies upon request.

  • You will be required to keep records and report progress to your Senior Manager/Director every month

21 September 2021
Estate Agent (Lettings)
Property Manager
Berkshire, Reading