Business Operations and HQ Executive

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We are looking to recruit for a new role in our HQ Department working alongside our Group Operations Manager to undertake and manage day to day operational duties carried out by our HQ department. Our Group Operations Manager is looking to progress her career and therefore needs to recruit someone who will take on much of her existing workload and duties. This is not a junior or entry level role and we envisage the right person will have a mixture of operational, management and or administrative experience perhaps in an operations or office manager role at present. Perhaps our ideal candidate is not currently in a management position but believes they are capable and has no where to grow in their current employment. Our HQ department is in the process of evolving and streamlining its processes so we are looking for someone that can add value and challenge existing processes to help us achieve our goals.


Skills and Attributes:

  • Strong communicator at all levels internally and externally building a maintaining a good rapport with our partners and suppliers as well as the Bridges team, including our board of Directors. Working closely with our Group Operations Manager who is a direct and clear communicator and will expect the same back.

  • Organised, logical and a clear thinker.

  • Able to use initiative, manage workload and priorities efficiently including the ability to demonstrate workflow and report on outstanding tasks.

  • Structured and process focused with an aptitude to improve on existing processes and systems.

  • ‘Can do’ attitude, motivated.

  • Strong problem solver able to think beyond short term fixes and instead to long term sustainable solutions.

  • Able to manage multi-facetted tasks and consider ‘knock-on’ impacts.

  • Responsible and committed.

  • Excel proficient.


Example of Tasks:

  • Tracking, anticipating compliance and regulation renewals. Maintaining records and action points. Investigating alternatives to recommend to Directors.

  • Tracking and monitoring contract terms, leases, re-occurring costs and maintaining records and spreadsheets, collating data from multiple sources.

  • Consider and analyse alternative options prior to renewal of contracts or leases.

  • Organising and giving clear instructions on our IT and telecoms configuration to our technical partners.

  • Obtaining quotes as needed for software and hardware options. Managing hardware across the company.

  • Assist with collation of key information in relation to complaints and or GDPR requests.

  • On-going development and execution of efficient processes and systems.

    Our HQ team are highly experienced, long serving and work at a high level to support every element of our business. Our goal is to streamline and add structure to HQ in a way that allows us to grow with the business and deliver more to our staff and the Directors. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of this team and have real impact on our growth and success, for someone that will bring a fresh prospective, innovative ideas and key skills to this dynamic and multi-dimensional department.

9 September 2020
Estate Agent (Lettings)
Hampshire, Aldershot